Dr. Nielsen’s Fathers & Daughters Course

“Undoing The Damage Of Male-bashing…One Daughter At A Time”

Dr. Nielsen's Fathers & Daughters Course
''Nielsen's approach is short on warm and fuzzy. She's a teacher, not a baby sitter, and instructs the old-fashioned way, using hard facts, statistics and research.''
Kathleen Parker

By Kathleen Parker, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Washington Post

“While most American women obsess about the laments of frazzled mothers, a handful of their daughters at Wake Forest University are turning their attention to the study of that mysterious and often-demonized species — fathers. Yep, you read it right. Fathers. Dear ol’ Dad. Remember him?  Each week, these young women (and one young man, who signed up because he hopes to be a good father someday) arrange their desks in a circle with Dr. Linda Nielsen, psychologist, professor and author, to learn about fathers and fatherhood in the only such college course in the country…”

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