Praise for Dr. Nielsen’s Books

Publisher’s Weekly
An impressively straightforward tool for fathers and daughters interested in improving their relationships, as well as for professionals who work with these types of family dynamics. Recommended for public libraries and university libraries supporting the helping professions. Nielsen draws on her extensive teaching and research experience to illuminate the roots of father-daughter conflict. The author provides a wealth of suggestions on how fathers and daughters can reconcile, rebuild, and enrich shaky–even nonexistent–relationships and examines the impact of negative portrayals of fathers in the media. Nielsen addresses improving communication and understanding, how fathers and daughters can come to terms with differences of opinion about lifestyles and money management, deal with divorce and remarriage, and reconcile the age-old tension between fathers and the sexuality of their daughters.”

“Nielsen is fearlessly steadfast in her conviction that most young women have been brainwashed by the culture into believing that men are inferior to women and that everything lacking in the father-daughter relationship is Dad’s fault.  Her book is full of facts that invariably take readers by surprise. Fathers and daughters who are trying to understand each other and build a better relationship can do no better than this book.”

Kathleen Parker
Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Washington Post

“Nielsen’s book breaks new ground by presenting men as significant parents. Fathers are encouraged to think of themselves as more than just the stranger who signs the checks. Read this book!”

Karen DeCrow
attorney, former President, National Organization of Women

“I can’t think of a book that could offer more to a divorced dad and daughter.”

Steve Ashley
Director, Divorced Fathers Network

“Remarkable! This book is amazing—thoughtfully weaving research finds, common sense advice, principles of psychotherapy and person stories into a compelling worth that has immense promise to alleviate the weight and pain of daughters being estrange from their fathers.”

Dr. Sanford Braver
Psychology Professor, Arizona State University, Advisor to President Clinton's Fatherhood Initiative

“Nielsen’s book makes us question what we know and discover what we don’t know with questionnaires that help us understand ourselves. Every dad and daughter must read it.”

Dr. Warren Farrel
author of The Boy Crisis & Father & Child Reunion

“Professor Nielsen writes with more wisdom, experience and care about this topic than anyone else out there. If you are a father or a daughter, or someone who care about a daughter and father, get this book!”

Dr. Joshua Coleman
Senior Fellow, Council on Contemporary Families, author of When Parents Hurt

“Nielsen banishes all excuses with this practical blueprint for renewal. This book provides useful strategies, even for me, a father of sex spectacular daughters.”

Rabbi Daniel Lapin
founder, American Alliance of Jews & Christians

“Nielsen’s work deserves our unending gratitude.”

Jonetta Ross Barras
author of Whatever Happened to Daddy’s Little Girl: The Impact of Fatherlessness on Black Women

Father-Daughter Relationships: Contemporary Research & Issues“This extraordinary book is destined to become a classic. Nielsen’s scope reaches far beyond white middle-class families to include ethnic minorities, gay, divorce and single fathers and fathers impacted by incarceration, poverty and substance abuse.”
Patricia Papernow, American Psychological Association Psychologist of the Year, Family Therapist, Author of Surviving & Thriving in Stepfamily Relationships.


“This book brings to life the most recent research and is certain to intrigue and excited students, teachers and clinicians striving to understand how father-daughter relationships can enhance or impede the well-being of girls and women.”
Michael Lamb, President of Developmental Psychology division of the American Psychological Association, Professor Emeritus, University of Cambridge. Editor of The Father’s Role in Child Development.


“An astonishing breadth of scholarship that captures the current state of knowledge and presents it in a crisp, clean and entertaining format. Essential for courses on child development, this book is also an indispensable resource for professionals who work with families.”
Richard Warshak, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Author of Divorce Poison: How to Protect You Family from Badmouthing and Brainwashing.