Advice Book –  June, 2020

Dr. Nielsen gives dads and daughters a no-nonsense, practical four-step method to resolve problems that stress or damage their relationships. From the daughter’s late adolescence through the father’s old age, there is no “expiration date” on problems that need resolving.  
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Are you unable to talk about “it”—that one topic you know is driving a wedge between you? 

Are you drifting apart, increasingly stressed, or no longer speaking because you have issues related to…

  • College expenses or the costs of the daughter’s dream wedding?
  • Daughter’s continued financial dependence on dad?
  • Daughter moving back home at her age?
  • Daughter’s lifestyle—living with her boyfriend, being gay or….?   
  • Dad disliking the man or the woman the daughter is in love with? 
  • Deceiving or lying to each other about the “big stuff”?
  • Dad getting remarried?
  • Politics and other controversial social issues?
  • Dad’s or daughter’s drinking problem?
  • Communicating honestly, openly, and comfortably?  
  • Putting each other on guilt trips?
  • Keeping potentially damaging family secrets?
  • Mom’s jealousy about your father-daughter relationship?
  • Hurt and anger related to mom and dad’s divorce?   
  • Stepmom or step-siblings?
  • Sibling rivalry to be dad’s favorite?
  • Dad’s health or end-of-life plans?
  • Inheritance or financial planning for old age?

Advance Praise

Dr. Nielsen is one of those rare academics who, after solidly grounding herself in the research is then able to write in real-life, fun to read terms that allow a real fathers and daughters to discover the love for which they yearn. Her four-step method to resolve problems covers a wide range of issues that no other book addresses.
Dr. Warren Farell
Author of ''Father & Child Reunion'' and ''The Boy Crisis''
I am a psychologist with over four decades of experience working with families. Dr. Nielsen takes both fathers and daughters step by step through a process to repair their relationship. The book is at once thorough and accessible, extremely practical and deeply hopeful. Along the way, each chapter puts critical research into the hands of fathers and daughters who are desperate for guidance. The checklists communicate this research in a way that is both entertaining and extremely useful.
Dr. Patricia Papernow
Psychologist of the Year, American Psychological Association, Author of ''Surviving & Thriving in Stepfamily Relationships''
This is an outstanding book that appeals to a wide audience. Nielsen is the leading authority on father–daughter relationships whose pioneering work commands great respect among her colleagues. She excels in popularizing the implications of social science in an engaging format.
Dr. Richard Warshak
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Texas Southwestern, Author of ''Divorce Poison: Protecting Your Family from Badmouthing & Brainwashing''