Barbie Campaign – Dads Who Play Barbie

Grooming Barbie’s hair is one thing, but grooming an ad campaign is another. Dr. Nielsen served as the research consultant for Mattel for their 2017 “You Can Be Anything” campaign.  Based on Nielsen’s research, Mattel focused on dad-daughter relationships as a way of inspiring and nurturing the limitless potential in every girl.
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Nielsen states in Wake Forest University press release: “Mattel’s acknowledgement of my research is an impressive example of how companies can work with scholars to enhance and enrich children’s relationships with their parents.”

“The campaign team looked to partner with a researcher who could give the campaign a grounded narrative. To help drive meaningful coverage, Barbie partnered with Dr. Linda Nielsen who is known for her research on father-daughter relationships. Nielsen’s research and comments on father-daughter relations are cited in press materials that brand released to go along with the campaign.”
PR Week, April 14, 2017   “Mattel brings dads into the Barbie narrative” -D. Frederick

The campaign…
garnered more than 230 feature placements across notable outlets
generated  more than 650 million media impressions