Divorced Dads & Daughters: Nielsen’s Impact

What daughters say…

''I realize now that seeing mom constantly upset by Dad while I was growing up had a profound impact on how I felt about him. Now I know I have to focus on my issues with him - not on hers.''
''When he told me about mom falling in love with another man, I realized that he's been through what I just went through - the sinking sensation when someone leaves you.''
''Problems in my family are always ignored. Now 10 years after my parents' divorce, because of these talks with my dad, I learned all the missing pieces and we've reconnected.''

What fathers say…

''I was caught in the middle of an ongoing war between my daughter and my new wife. Nielsen opened my eyes to what was going on between the two women and what I could do about it.''
''Things just slowly fell apart between me & my daughter after her mom & I separated. But now I see what I did wrong & I'm taking steps to rebuild.''
''My daughter was never willing to hear my side of the divorce story. Finally I've found a way to talk to her without badmouthing anybody or irritating her.''