Nielsen’s Impact on Fathers & Daughters

What daughters say…

''I've stopped treating him like just a boring, workaholic. I see him now as a man who struggles through life as a husband, a son, and a father.''
''Things between us were always pretty superficial and a little awkward-especially if it was just the two of us . But that's no longer true.''
''I've always acted irritated when dad tried to talk about personal things. But now I'm actually talking to him about my problems with my husband and my youngest son.''

What fathers say…

''I was really nervous telling my daughter about ways I've screwed up in my life. But now she shares so much more with me.''
''I didn't look forward to talking with her about such serious , personal stuff. It was awkward, but great! Why weren't we doing this all along?''
''I've stopped jumping in to give her advice. And she's stopped treating me like a banking machine.''